Windows & Doors

Here at Lisnaree we take great pride in our end product within each sector that we work in. That's why we have teamed up with Dako as their regional fitters to bring your home that finished and final piece to complete its look.

Dako offers an extremely high end product within the windows and doors industry and they didn't just stop there. They're products are built with vision in mind. Your vision of your dream home.

Have a look through their brochures below and imagine your dream home today.

Wether its a home upgrade or a new build. Lisnaree x Dako has you covered. Reach out today to see how we can bring your dream to life. 

Front Doors

New definition of exclusivity!

Elegance |Style | Quality

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Windows and Patio Doors

Your home is your place on Earth.

Find WINDOWS, that fit it perfectly.

Our windows are everything that your home needs. Safe and durable with a healthy amount of light!

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Garage Doors & External Roller Shutters

HOME, your oasis of peace

that will provide comfort and convenience for its residents.

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Harmony Line


HarmonyLine is a concept of collaborative joinery design and matching it to the building’s individual character, done by experts.

Discover a wide range of WINDOWS, SHUTTERS, DOORS AND GARAGE DOORS by DAKO, with which you will shape a unique, cohesive style for your home.

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